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Welcome to Repromed International, your one stop shop for all your infertility needs! Here you will find a network of companies and entities that can offer everything you need in the infertility market. We are completely dedicated in assisting all infertility patients and infertility markets in Pakistan and the neighboring areas. Currently, Pakistan physicians and infertility "experts" lack the proper technical expertise and know-how in properly assisting infertile couples achieve their life dreams of having a child.  We can do it for you!

These sites offer products, services, and a wealth of information on infertility.



Zavos Diagnostic Laboratories
Mission Statement:
ZDL is a world leader in the field of human infertility. ZDL's aim is to assist infertility experts, their clients, and individuals to receive proper treatment for all of their infertility difficulties. Please visit us for all your infertility needs, A-Z.

The Andrology Institute of America
Mission Statement:
The Andrology Institute of America is totally dedicated to being the best. Along with our national and international recognition, the Andrology Institute of America extends its services to clients and patients all over the United States and the world.
The International Institute for Gender Selection
Mission Statement:
The International Institute for Gender Selection, along with the Andrology Institute of America, is the foremost PGD Gender Selection and Oocyte Donation referral center in the world. Dr, Zavos maintains the appropriate centers in the US. and Middle East.
HSA meivf conceive
Home Semen Analysis
Mission Statement:
It is now possible to have your semen analyzed without having to leave your home with the new Home Semen Analysis Kit. The Home Semen Analysis is performed using state-of-the-art computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) technology.
Middle East Fertility Clinic
Mission Statement:
The Middle East Fertility Clinic for Reproductive Medicine and Genetics offers childless couples several methods to achieve parenthood. The couple is involved in selecting the method of treatment and there is no prolonged waiting period.
Fert Mart
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to offer you the opportunity to visit our many sites and review the various products and services that we put together for assisting you in the privacy of your own home or clinic, with the proper diagnosis and treatment of your infertility.



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