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Mission Statement

Repromed International is an organization totally devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in human reproductive medicine and technologies. Repromed aims to provide high quality services that focus on the patient as a partner and also address the specialized reproductive healthcare needs of couples of reproductive age. Along with our representing agents, we provide advanced, innovative, high value, infertility care in a nurturing environment which focuses on family-building, ideas and technologies. We are building families for all childless couples!!

At Repromed International, the staff are committed to three distinct entities:

    • You, the Client, who must always receive personalized, attentive and knowledgeable assistance with all aspects of their fertility program.
    • The OD or Fertility Helper, who must always be treated as a valued and respected member of our program.
    • Above all, "The Unborn Child", who deserves a safe place to thrive and to be healthy before birth.

Our aims are to:

    • Provide high quality women's and men's healthcare that focuses on the patient as partner.
    • Address the specialized reproductive healthcare needs of women at each stage of life.
    • Provide advanced, innovative, high value, infertility care in a nurturing environment which focuses on family-building, not technology.
    • Recognize the importance of the healthcare team functioning as a coordinated unit that acknowledges the skills and values the contributions of each team member and provides an emotionally supportive work environment for the infertility couple.

In order to reach our goals, we will:

    • Increase awareness in the ART medical community of the medical expertise and unique services that we provide.
    • Become an innovator in the Infertility-ART marketplace by providing high value to patients and managed care organizations.
    • Invest in continuing medical education for Infertility to enhance the capabilities of all personnel.
    • Affirm patients' access to high quality Infertility and ART services by serving as an advocate to educate payors, policy-makers and the public of its importance.
    • Participate and support graduate medical education, medical outreach, and clinical research in the ART-Infertility arena to enhance physician's knowledge and skills for the betterment of the Infertility couple's healthcare.



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